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Other Larisa Stuff

This is where all the other Larisa info goes, and different things about her that are important and may be good to know about her. And there is also a way to give something special to Larisa, just from you! So read on!

Larisa is an ambassador for The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and she would be thrilled if you joined the fight against the tobacco industry! If you would like to join the fight give The Campaign a call at 1-800-284-KIDS follow the steps to have a letter sent to your member of Congress in support of the FDA rule to regulate tobacco and prevent tobacco companies from targeting their products to children. Larisa cares about and supports the campaign and this is a great way to show your support for Larisa and The Campaign!
Larisa is also part of Nickelodeon's Big Help that is put on once a year to help kids make a difference in the world. When The Big Help comes to town make sure you be a part of it. Do it for Larisa!

The International
Larisa Oleynik
Fans Page

The Internation Larisa Oleynik Fans Page is a co-op effort between me and Jeremy Cardon. We will be collecting web pages, etc for all Larisa fans and then we will make a CD-ROM and send it to her with cards, flowers, and other stuff. So go to the ILOFP!