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Thanks for the comments!

This is the page where I thank everybody who gave me nice comments. Thank You! I will also print some of them out. Take a look.

"I never thought I'd hear of a person who values the two most important things in life(Larisa and Metallica) as I do. I worship both of them and your page sums it all up. You absolutely rule, man."
Jason Damron

"Great web-page, a lot of fun! Also, That's the most popular Larisa web-page I've seen yet, (an I've seen a lot)...I was just writing to complement you saying that you are the only Larisa site that I have a bookmark for. Thanx."
Mike Beatty

"Hi there!...I visited your Larisa Oleynik site! I love it!...Keep up the great work on your site!..."

"Your homepage kicks butt too."
Erik Christenson

"...I just wanted to e-mail you to tell you that i loved your web site..."

"...Most Larisa sites have wuss bands as their faves, but you rule because you like Larisa..."

"Your links page is awesome! Just wanted to add my 2 cents."